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ESD Comfort Fabric Chair

Product Code: STCH-FAB-B/F


This range of comfort chairs are upholstered with ESD safe fabric that promotes long hours of sitting. 
The fabric can be easily cleaned with a vacuum cleaner or surface detergents. 

Seat and Back Rest Material: Conductive Fabric

Adjustable Height
approx. 19" - 23" (without footring)
approx. 23" - 28" (with footring)

Surface resistivity (on seat and back shell): 1010 to 1011 ohm per sq

Surface Resistivity (on fabric): 10to 10ohm per sq

Resistance to Ground: < 10ohm per sq

Colours: Blue or Grey

Castors: Black ESD castors

Base Leg: Chrome metal star design 

Additional Grounding: Steel grounding chain attached.



  ESD Comfort Fabric Chair
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