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Autoclaveable Clogs Blue

Product Code: STSH-CLOG/BLUE


These Clogs are specially designed and formulated for high temperature washing such as autoclaving and steam. It is recommended for applications that require sterilisation.

Material: Thermoplastic Material

Color: Blue

Size: 36 to 46

Other Enhanced Features:

high temperature tolerance up to 134 degreeC
with ventilation holes in the removable insoles for lightweight and fast drying effect after laundry.
flexible, removable anatomic formed insole with ventilation holes.
insole is design to absorb vibration that causes fatigue during walking.
soft and light
anti-slip DIN 4843-100
available anti-static EN 344
environmental approved

Application: It is recommended for doctors and nurses in the Operating Theatres. Its special features promote comfort, hygiene, safety and environmental friendliness.


  Autoclaveable Clogs
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