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Chemical  Resistant Green Nitrile Glove

Product Code: STGL-CRNTg


These nitrile gloves are highly flexible and comfortable for industrial hand protection. It offer excellent resistance against abrasion, cuts, snag, punctures, aging, weathering and water permeability.
It is also chemically toughened for resistance against most solvent including aromatic and petroleum.

Material: 100% Butadiene-AcryloNitrile Latex

Color: Green

Length: 330mm (13inch)

Thickness: 0.38 mm (15mils)

Size: S, M, L, XL & XXL

Application: Oil Refining, Chemical Processing, Degreasing, Plating, Printing Clean-Up, Battery Manufacturing, Machining, Plant Maintenance, Furniture Manufacturing, Painting Applications, Electronic Components Assembly, Environmental Waste Clean-Up, Food Processing


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