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ESD Entry Turnstile

Product Code: STME-ESDTURN


The ESD Access Turnstile System is designed to control ESD compliance prior entry to ESD sensitive areas. The slim tripod turnstile comes with lane indication with a display of Green or Red arrow, subjectively to status of the test.

The installed combi tester allows ESD checks on wrist straps, heel straps or ESD shoes. Either one accessory or all, can be tested simultaneously.
Entry is granted upon testing of wrist straps or footwear. The tripod allows bi-directional entry (by means of ESD test) and exit, by pressing a button.         

Measurement Range: 
0.75 to 10 Meg Ohms (For Wrist Strap)
0.75 to 35/100 Meg Ohms (For Footwear)
Combo Tester Indications: 
Green LED indicates PASS range
Red LED indicates LOW & High fail ranges with Buzzer sound
Tripod lane indicator: 
Green arrow mark – GO
Red Cross mark – STOP
System test actuation: 
By pressing the combo tester touch plates
Measurement Accuracy: +/- 10%
Power supply: 
230 V AC, 50Hz
110 V AC available upon request.



  ESD Entry Turnstile
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