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Conductive PE Bag-Printing

Product Code: STCDB-PI111810


Material: Conductive Filled Polyethylene

Surface Resistivity: 103 to 10 5ohm/sq

Tensile strength at break (Transversal) 
ASTM D 882-02: 17.5mPa                                                                                                                     

Tensile strength at break (Longitudinal)           
ASTM D 882-02: 21.7mPa                                                                            
Elongation at break (Transversal)         
ASTM D 882-02: 730%                                                                                       
Elongation at break (Longitudinal)       
ASTM D 882-02: 650%

Color: Black with Yellow Printing

Size: 11"(opening) x 18"(length) x 0.1mm

Application: Highly recommended for packaging and product handling applications where extremely fast ESD dissipative rate is required.

NOTE: Tolerance of +/-10% for dimensions and thickness applies


  Conductive PE Bag
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