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ESD Tape Dispenser

Product Code: STES-TAPEDIS


The ESD Tape Dispenser is ideal for reducing static charges built up on surfaces, especially in environments where room humidity is low. The dispenser comes with a cutter for easy usage.

Material: ABS with permanent ESD properties


Surface Resistivity: 104 - 106 ohm/sq

Size: Tape inner diameter 25mm, 75mm( see ESD Tapes category for our tape selection)

Color: Black

Packing: 1pc/ pack

Product Dimensions: 20cm(length), 8cm(width), 11cm(height)

Product Weight: 1440grams

Applications: Production floor, Test areas, Electronics assembly areas, Packing stations

NOTE: to be placed on conductive work surfaces ( e.g ESD mats) for effective grounding.

ESD sticker/logo not inclusive on the product. Picture for illustration/ presentation purposes only


  ESD Tape Dispenser
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