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Combo Tester With Foot Stand

Product Code: STME-COMBI/FS


This is a Tri-Functional instrument for testing footwear & wrist strap. It checks the foot and wrist straps for proper skin contact, 1 meg current limiting safety resistor and continuity. The tester is designed to test 2-foot & wrist strap simultaneously. The test resistance range for each function is individually pre-settable from 0 to 50 megaohm.

Power Supply: 9 VDC alkaline battery or through connection to power outlet.

Total Stand Height: 44"

Foot Plate Size 8" X 12"

Base Plate Size 22" X 22"

Tester Box Size 5-5/8" X 3-1/4" X 1-1/2"


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