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Conductive PP Strap

Product Code: STSTP-09CD/STSTP-12CD


Material: Polypropylene Co-Polymer

Excellent conductive properties
Heat sealable
Minimum shrinkage after oven baking process
High temperature resistance
Compatible with most strapping machines
Good physical properties

Surface Resistivity 104 to 105ohm/sq
Decay Test- Less than 2.0 second (Meet MIL Specs MIL-B-81705B Decay test)
Melting Temperature: 150°C to 180°C. (Baking in oven)

Color: Black

Standard Width 9mm & 12mm (+/- 1mm)
Standard Length: 1500 meter
Thickness: 0.70mm (+/- 0.1mm)

Strapping of IC Trays during reliability oven bake test
Strapping of IC trays for transportation



  Conductive PP Strap
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