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Handy Vacuum Pick Up

Product Code: STVP-HV


The Handy-vac is specifically designed to pick up any item that has a flat surface. This handy tool eliminates all problems caused by the use of human hands and tweezers.

Self-contained vacuum for mobility.
Able to lift up to 100grams
Small and handy
Available in straight or angled tips
The vacuum tips are easy to change
Each set comes with 4 different tip cups for different requirements

Packing: 1 set/ pack

Standard Cup Size Package:
1pc - straight probe with 0.125" cup diameter
1pc - straight probe with 0.375" cup diameter
1pc - angled probe with 0.25" cup diameter
1pc - angled probe with 0.125" cup diameter

Application: Semiconductor, Laboratory, Electronics industries.


  Handy Vacuum Pick Up
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