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Anti-static Screen Protection Film

Product Code: STOTH-APF


Material: Polyethylene

Surface Resistivity 1011 ohm/sq
Surface Resistivity ( Adhesive ): 108 ohm/sq

Color: Transparent

Thickness: 40 - 100 micron

Width: 200mm - 1300mm

Length: 100m - 1500m


  • Comes with plastic core
  • Anti-static surfaces
  • Non-residue adhesive layer

  • Plastic core prevents linting and introduction of loose particles
  • Minimum static charges generated during unwinding
  • Does not require additional cleaning after removing the film

    Application: The anti-static protection film is ideal for preventing undesirable dust, scratches and foreign particles from contacting your product. It is ideal for LCD screens, glass panels and other dust sensitive surfaces.


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