Cleanroom CP Mop Head


The CP-Mop is an economical mop made of Nonwoven cellulose/polyester material.
This mop is excellent for spill control, general cleanup and drying of ceiling & wall surfaces.


Mop head changing is quick and easy, it is designed to slip on and off the mop frame, yet remain secure while in use.

It can be used on walls and ceilings

It is also lightweight, with non-abrasive surface, good durability and
can easily use in hard to access areas.


Perfect for cleanrooms, laboratories and any other dust/dirt free environment

Biotechnology & Pharmaceutical industries and other non-critical

Technical Data:

Material Composition: Nonwoven cellulose-polyester

Color: White

Mop head Dimension: 40 cm x 13 cm

Thickness: 2.14 mm

Grammage: 575 gsm

Absorbency Capacity: 2,594 ml/ m2

Packing: 1pc / bag