Class 100 Cleanroom Nylon/PE Bag

Product Code: STNYB

The Class 100 Nylon PE Bag is ideal for packing metal parts that are sensitive to oxidation. The Nylon layer is superb as an oxygen barrier, coupled with our ultra clean LDPE material to ensure that products are free from corrosion and contamination. Its excellent puncture resistance properties prevents the bag from air leakage when packing sharpened objects. Recommended for vacuum packing HDD fasteners and HDD metal components.

Material: Nylon laminated with Polyethylene



  • Ultra low particulate < 100 counts/cm.sq
  • Absence of Silicone oil, Amide agent and Phthalate (DOP)
  • Low Outgassing
  • Low NVR

    Color: Transparent

    Size: Custom made sizes and thickness available

    Application: Suitable for use in Class 100 Cleanroom where parts are sensitive to oxidation.