ESD/Cleanroom Document Holder (Rigid type)

Product Code: STCS-DHA4

The range of document holders is ideal for ESD sensitive work areas whereby control is critical. They can be used for documenting work procedures, flow charts, traveller sheets and work checklist. Unlike coated materials that degrade after usage, its permanent properties ensure that static electricity is controlled at desirable levels. The sides holes are specially designed for filing purposes with ESD ring files.

Material: Acrylic, IDP Alloy


Surface Resistivity 108 to 109ohm/sq(permanent)
Decay Time- 5000v to 50v in 0.03 second 
(MIL Specs MIL-B-81705B Decay test)

Color: Transparent

Usable Size: 215mm x 310mm (for A4 documents)

Side seam with holes for filing: approx. 15mm

Configuration: Portrait

Application: Suitable for Cleanroom and ESD documentations, production, traveller, charts, drawing etc

NOTE: Material appearance is hazy due to impregnated ESD properties. Does not affect clarity when applied to use.