Ionizer Air Gun

Product Code: STSCE-AG/SL004

This Ionizer Air Gun emits stream of ions to safety neutralize electrostatic subassemblies and other non-conductive, static generating materials. As it neutralizes charges, it also removes small contaminants that can damage expensive parts. The Gun uses either filter air or nitrogen. Because it operates optimally at 40-70 psi, with current draw of less than 350μA, it offers economy as well as reliability. The nozzle assembly is a specially designed housing that accepts a variety of highly effective disposable filter that remove air-borne particles as small as 0.45 microns. Particle generation during operation is virtually zero. It is thus suitable for the cleanroom environment.

Operating Voltage: 4.6KV

Current Consumption: 350μA

Operating Temperature: 0ºC - 50ºC

Air Pressure: 40 - 70 PSI

Air Velocity: 10m/sec

Comes with: H.V 3m cable & Power Supply