ESD Aluminum Moisture Barrier Bag

Excellent Moisture Barrier Properties
Ideal for vacuum packing
ESD properties on inner and outer surface
Heat sealable by most sealers
Printed with Blue ESD Logo and message

Surface Resistivity
108 to 1010 ohm/sq (outer surface)
109 to 1010 ohm/sq (inner surface)

Moisture Vapour Transmission Rate: 0.0006gm/ (ASTMF1249)

Tensile Strength: >10kg (FTMS 101)

Seal Strength: >3kg/cm

Outer Dimension: 274mm(opening) x 518mm(length) x 0.175mm
Inner Dimension: 254mm(opening) x 508mm(length) x 0.175mm

NOTE: 10% tolerance on thickness and dimensions.

Applications: Packaging of Semiconductors, Moisture and Oxygen sensitive products.