ESD Cushion Pouch Bag

Product Code: STCPB

Material: Polyethylene bubble sheet laminated with ESD Shielding Film

  • Surface Resistivity: 1011ohm/sq(ASTM D257)
  • Static Decay rate: 5000 volt to 50 volt in less than 2 second(FTMS 101B, Method 4046, MIL-B-81705B Decay Test)

    Color: Pink and Clear

    Type: Single / Bubble Layer

    Diameter of Bubble: 10mm / 25mm

    Size: Custom made

    Application: Design to provide good shielding to triboelectric charging. The anti-static bubble sheet provides maximum protection against physical shocks and damages. Suitable for "fragile" products like HDD and electronic products.

  • Printing available