Transparent Conductive Grid Bag

Product Code: STCDB-G

Material: 3 layers of Film Construction
  • Anti-Abrasion and Antistatic Copolymer Layer
  • Conductive Grid Layer
  • Heavy Duty Antistatic Copolymer Layer

  • Surface Resistivity: 103 to 10 4ohm/sq(ASTM D257)
  • Static Decay Rate: less than 2 second(FTMS 101B, Method 4046, MIL-B-81705B Decay Test)

    Color: Transparent with black conductive grid

    Size: Custom made

    Application: Made for packaging of moisture sensitive components and devices. The additional proprietary composite layer is to improve punture. The structure is also ideal for vacuum sealing packaging

  • Cleanroom grades are available
  • Printing of logos and fonts
  • Roll foam
  • Silicon/ Amide/ Amin Free
  • Various thickness and compositions