ESD Keyboard

Product Code: STES-ESDKB

The keyboard comes in direct contact with fingers during work. As static charges are generated through abrasion and separation of bodies (tribocharging), high level of charges are being generated. The ESD keyboard significantly reduces charges and enhances ESD control programs.

Material: ABS with permanent ESD properties

Specifications: Surface resistivity: 104 - 106 ohm/sq

Compatibility: USB connection

Color: Black

Packing: 1pcs/ pack

Product Dimensions: 46cm(length), 17cm(width), 1.5cm(height)

Product Weight: 550grams

Cable Length: 130cm

Applications: Inspection areas, Component kitting stations, Test areas, Electronics assembly areas, Design Labs

NOTE: ESD sticker/logo not inclusive on the product. Sticker for illustration/ presentation purposes only