Anti-static PVC Dot Palm Gloves - 10mm

Product Code: STGL-AS/PVCD/10

The ESD Lint Free Gloves with Dotted Palm is made of smooth polyester material. Light weight and comfortable even after wearing for prolonged hours. Its reliable ESD properties protect static damages to components during handling. The PVC dots on palm provide good gripping effect when handling products with smooth surfaces.

White PVC dots on cotton palm
Polyester fabric with 10mm interval conductive yarns on back

Specification: Surface Resistivity 108 to 109ohm/sq

Color: White

Size: Small, Medium, Large, X-Large 

Packing: 10pairs/ bag

Application: Suitable for application that require non-skid, antistatic and tough work. To be used in PCB assembling line and handling of ESD sensitive devices