2 Layers ESD Rubber Mat-Blue/Black

Product Code: STMA-2LAMA/BL

The 2 Layer ESD Rubber Mat is made up of 2 separate layers of materials. The top layer has excellent ESD properties that comply with international standards, while the bottom conductive layer ensures reliable, fast dissipation of static charges.

Material: Natrual Rubber

Surface Resistivity:
107 to 109 ohm/ sq (top)
Surface Resistivity: 103 to 105 ohm/ sq (bottom)

Static Decay: 0.01secs (5KV to 500V)

Color: Blue(top) / Black (bottom) - Non Glossy

Standard Roll Size: 1m x 10m x 2mm

Application: ESD Workbench, Static Sensitive Inspection Area, Flooring