ESD 3 Layers Vinyl Mat

Product Code: STMA-3LAMA-VY

A long time industry favourite, this three layer vinyl material provides excellent electrical properties.
It’s durable vinyl easy to clean, dissipative vinyl. It’s highly conductive middle layer provides a faster
discharge path to ground. The cushioned dissipative bottom layer provides excellent protection against
physical damage, and makes it easier to pick up small parts.

Composition/Construction:  Top Layer - Dissipative Vinyl

                                               Middle Layer - Conductive Scrim

                                               Bottom Layer - Dissipative Vinyl

Size: 3mm (T) 600mm x 10M
        3mm (T) 900mm x 10M
        3mm (T) 1200mm x 10M

Color: Blue, Grey

Construction:  Heat fused vinyl composite

Thickness:  0.125"(3.2mm)

Texture: Light Embossing

Hardness: 45 shore "A", per ASTM-D412

Heat Resistance:  -20 F to 140 F continuous

Chemical Resistance: Resistance to degradation by inorganic acids, organic acids, reducing agents, aliphatic hydrocarbons, mineral oil, aldehydes, and amines