Electrostatic Fieldmeter

Product Code: STME-EFM

This meter is designed to locate and measure static charge potentials on product, people, equipment and packaging.
This instrument uses a non-contacting, chopper stabilized field sensor and a ranging mechanism to ensure correct measurements of electrostatic fields in all areas.

Power Supply: 9 VDC alkaline battery.

Dimension: 4.2" X 2.4" X 0.9"

Display: 3.5digits, 0.4" digit height

Controls: ON/OFF side switch, SAMPLE/HOLD pushbutton and ZERO control

Range: =/-0.00 to 19.99KV @ 2.5cm. Higher voltage may be measured at distances greater than 2.5cm

Grounding: Effective grounding through conductive case ( ground strap is provided )

Accuracy: =/-5%, chopper stablized ( unaffected by air ionization )

Response: 5Hz at analog output, digital display undates 3 times per second

Weight: 141.8 gram