Wrist Strap & Foot Wear Tester

Product Code: STME-COMBI

The Wrist Strap and the Footwear Tester checks for the operating conditions with the strap on the wrist or foot wear on the foot. It clearly indicates whether or not the resistance of the wrist strap/ footwear system including the wearer is at least 0.75 Meg ohms and not more than 10/ 100 Meg ohms respectively.

Measurement Range : Wrist Strap 0.75 to 10 Meg ohm

                             Footwear  0.75 to 100 Meg ohms

Range Select : By slide switch

Indication : Pass - GREEN LED

             Low & High Fail - RED LED (with Alarm)

Test actuation: By pushing metal sensor plate

Power supply: 9 Volt Battery

Battery Status: By dual color LED

Dimensions: 135 x 70 x 25 mm

Weight: 150 gms (With Battery)