Film-to-Film Easy Peel Pouch


•         Excellent transparency for clear film

•         Clean and Easy Peel, Non-Fibre Peeling

•         Excellent Tensile, Puncture and Tear Strength

•         Wide Sealing Temperature Range

•         Excellent adhesion of PET and Easy Peel Layer

•         Sealable on wid range of film materials, including Coated and Uncoated Paper, Coated and Uncoated Tyvek®,
           normal PET/PE, NYLON/PE, PP/PE, OPP/PE, CPP/PE, OPA/CPP, OPA/PE, BOPP/PE or on same material,

•         Sterilization by Gamma Radiation compatible on Film to Film or Ethylene Oxide compatible

•         Can be supplied with Surface or Reversed Printed Film/Pouches

•         Can be used as Lidding Film Material when used with Forming Webs

•         Can be supplied Transparent, white or Tailored colour

•         Suitable for Form, Fill Seal (FFS) Machine, Rotary Heat Seal Machine, Heat Seal Bar Machine and all Thermo
          Seal Machine



Easy Peel PE / Adhesive / PET 12