STAT-WIPE ESD Polyester Wipes

Product Code: STWI-PSESD140/9

Durable and long lasting
Provide a better wipe of ESD sensitive surfaces
Laser sealed edge for ultra low lint and particle count
No silicon oil, Amide and DOP detected through FTIR

Material: 100% polyester with conductive yarn

Weight: 140gsm

Thickness: 0.43mm - 0.49mm

Absorbency Capacity: 337ml/m2 (IEST-RP-CC 004.3)

Absorbency Rate: 0.8sec

Surface Resistivity: 1x108 - 1x1010ohms/sq

Releasable Particles:
LPC (less than or equals 0.5micron): 6.5 x 106 counts/ m2

(IEST-RP-CC004.3-orbital shaker)

APC(Helmke Drum Test @10rpm) less than or equal 0.3micron: 100counts/pc/cfm

Packing: 150pcs/ pack

Size: 9" x 9"

Application: Used in critical environments for cleaning of ESD sensitive components, cleaning of process tooling and equipment
Suitable for Federal Std Class 100 - Class 1000 Cleanrooms / ISO 14644-1 Class 5 and Class 6